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Prestige Cars Paintless Dent Removal

DentBusterâ„¢ has over 30 years experience in Prestige Cars Paintless Dent Removal, and has contracted with some of the largest prestige car wholesalers and dealerships in Sydney. DentBusterâ„¢ is the trusted name for quality workmanship in paintless dent removal, some of our previous clients include:

  • Scuderia Automotive Group Porsche & Ferrari
  • The trivett Classic Group
  • Mosman Toyota
  • York Motors
  • Suttons Motor Group
  • Peter Warren Group
  • Mercedes Benz of Sydney
  • Sylvania BMW
  • Illawarra Star Motors
  • Tynan Motors Group
  • Stewart Motor Group
  • and many more.

Here is just a handful of cars that we have worked on over the years.